7 Foods you should never eat after age of 30

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Food is very important to live. It usually comes from either plants or animals. Food is 3rd most basic thing for life after air & water. Healthy food means food that contains right amount of nutrients to keep the body fit. The body mainly needs five nutrients protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals. If you want to live longer and stay healthy, it becomes imperative to eat right especially after the age of 30. Lets know about 7 foods that we should not eat after the age of 30

7 Foods you should never eat after age of 30

not eat food after 30
yogurt not eat after 30
After we hit 30, we should stop for a minute & think over our way of living (mainly eating). Some brand of flavored yogurt carry 24 grams of sugar which is extra for this age to get digest. Collagen production slow down & elastin(protein that keeps skin firm) starts to break down. 
Canned soups contain lots of sodium which are used as preservatives. These preservatives have direct effect on skin or on blood pressure. In recent study it has been proved that these have direct connections with weight gain, cancer and infertility. 


Beer is generally fermented grains which means it contains fungus. Alcohol dehydrates our body due to which pigmentation starts at your body. Beside this, it also results in difficulties while sleeping & effects our lungs. Weight gain is also one of the result of consumption of more alcohol in this age.

4. SOY

Soy mainly increases inflammation in our body and results in imbalance of thyroid hormones. One tablespoon of soy sauce contain 879 milligrams of sodium & this soy is the main constituent of fast foods like noodles, manchurian and pasta. If you want to look younger you should avoid salty foods like soy sauce after the age of 30.


Energy drinks & Cola mainly contain flavored sugar & colors which have negative impact on ovulation & sperm motility. Cardiac blood vessels also become more sluggish and don’t open as well which results in heart failure. Cola also contains cancer causing dyes & high level of added sugar which cause a number of digestive related problems.


Stick to whole grain, fiber-rich carbohydrates such as white bread, hot dogs don’t have any nutritional value. They have generally less fiber & nutrients. Instead of this you can use whole wheat & whole grain breads which are important one and these contain useful fibers that helps for easy digestion.


Generally artificial sugar & salt are used as preservatives so that they be can used for a long time. These preservatives have very bad effect on our digestive system due to acidic nature. After the age of 30 we should cut off all these from our daily diet.


Besides all extra chemicals and sugars one more thing is caffeine which have bad effect on your body mainly sleep quality. Too much caffeine can be aging because you don’t get your beauty rest. Also like also alcohol too much caffeine can lead  to craving for this.


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