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Bharat Flux Privacy Policy

Whatever information we share on our website and what information will you get from here, our Privacy Policy will help you to convince. If you use our website, then you will have to follow the Privacy Policy. Otherwise, I have the right to block you.

What Information we Share on our website

  1. Information related to Blogger i.e. how to make a blog, template customization, SEO, Widget, Blogger tips, blogger design and many more interesting topics. If you want more information related to Blogger then you can tell us.
  2. You can also get all about how to earn money through internet. and also make money from your blog. if you have any question regarding this you can ask me.
  3. All about social media and their tips and tricks.

What can I do for you

  1. You can tell me whatever information I share with you by commenting. Tell me the topic, I will give all information about that in my next article. It will definitely encourage me.
  2. If you find something wrong on our website, you can tell me on Contact Us page. I will definitely improve that.
  3. What type of information I should share with our visitors on our website, you can help me in this. So that we can do better for our visitor.

How to Use Bharat Flux

  1. Never do wrong and adult type of comments.
  2. Do comment related to the Post only.
  3. If you have any issue with our website, then you can tell us on Contact Us page.
  4. Use of wrong or Adult contents/words in the comment is prohibited.

Third Party Link

You can not share the link to any website to our website without our permissionIf needed, you can, but do not post links without meaning. Otherwise, your comment will not be published. If you need to post the link, you can.


Cookies are a very small file that allows the browser to send it to the hard drive of our computer.We can use cookies for the futures of our website.

Change Of Privacy Policy

We can change the Privacy Policy of Bharat Flux at any time. The time when we change the Privacy Policy, we will notify you through the Post.

Terms and Condition

So I hope that you follow the privacy policy of our website.

All Right Reserved

We have the right to block, delete, spam your comments. So, we expect that you will not break the privacy policy of our website.

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