What is Life, A Journey or Destination

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Life is a journey and not a destination. And do you know why? Because the final destination, like it or not ,is death. It took me a long time to understand the meaning of the quote by RALPH WALDO EMERSON “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Life is not meant to rush though, it’s about surviving every moment of each day.

What is Life?

Life is unpredictable , full of ups and down. Life never goes as planned, but what would be the point? Life is about living. You cannot know everything that is going to happen before it happens. How boring that would be! To live a predictable life just like a pendulum. Yes, we would like a peace of mind. But the truth is that where you end up is not nearly as important as how you get there because getting there is life.

Instead of ignoring our present and waiting for a future, we should focus on the experience of the present.

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Death A curse or blessing?

I guess it depends on the quality of life one lives. No one really knows what happens after death. 

  • It might be a curse for the person who is enjoying life and is living his dreams.
  • It might be a blessing for a person who is sick and has become dependent on others and there doesn’t seem to be any cure.
  • At what age we die, living whom behind before death, the financial position, status in society are few factors which discriminates death into curse or blessing.

The game of life ends in the form of death. Death is the final destination of life. We are born with the truth that one day we will die, so it is not so hard to understand the phenomenon of death for us . It is indeed a a blessing but most of us believe that it is a curse.

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Death is Final whereas Life is Infinity.

When you talk about death, the first question comes, do you fear death? If yes, you will always be concerned about the small fears and never be able to look beyond and enjoy to the extent you are supposed to. When you relate death to fear, it can be a driving force or it can be a motivational force. Never one wonders what brings death, we only wonder what will happen after death? or should I die? what about my family and my friends? Think on this, you are one single human in this world who is all unique.


There is never a moment during life when you will (literally)be any more alive than are now.

What makes life worth living, What makes each of us unique, What brings us joy and the suffering that allows us to learn something- that’s the journey.

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