Before starting this article, let me ask you a question. How many times you have done this sitting in your car? Or person sitting next to you have done this.

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I am sure many times and this way we are harming our mother earth. We are contributing in damaging our earth. We are qualified but not educated. That’s why we do such kind of things. In life we need to respect two things in life, one is our body and another is mother Earth.Ultimately we have to live in them.


Cleanliness starts from our body, then to our room, then to our car, then to our home, our village, our country, and ultimately mother Earth. It is our prime responsibility to keep mother Earth clean.

If we see to the brighter side, cleanliness has taken a better place in our habits today. Point is where will you pee if there is no public toilet? Where you will throw garbage, when there is no dustbin. Sometimes we throw garbage on road because there is no dustbin and we cannot fill every trash in our pocket. Always our unwanted deeds are not due to our bad habits, sometimes situation also forces to do what we don’t want to.

So in this article, focus is drawn to an accessory for your car which will not allow you to throw garbage out of car. This is called car-bin or car dustbin. Many of us are not generally aware that such kind of product exists.


This is small dustbin which you can keep in your car and the situation never arises where you or person sitting in your car have to throw trash out of car.


This bin is  easily available on all online stores. Just type car dustbin and you will find results. Remember, keeping dustbin in our home or in our car will not only make us responsible citizen but such habits will  inculcate in our  generations also.

If you have read this article till here then i would say this is not must have accessory but best accessory for you car.

Drive Safe and Keep Earth Clean.


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