Good News! Retired Short Service Commission Officers Can Now Use Military Ranks

In a Moral boosting development, the government has now allowed Short Service Commission (SSC) officers to use Military ranks. Ministry of defence said in a statement on 24 March 2021. As per statement, Short Service Commission officers of Indian Army can use military ranks after retirement. Further the order extends to officers of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. 

The demand for use of military ranks by SSC officers after release from  service has been pending since 1983. The decision will remove the dissatisfaction among the retired SSC officers and act as a morale booster for young officers. Before this, officers of permanent commission nature were allowed to use military ranks after retirement.

To make it further simple , we can take example of two officers (one permanent, one SSC) retired from Major rank. Earlier only permanent commissioned officer was allowed to use Major before his name. Retired SSC officer was not allowed to use Major before his name.

SSC officers serve in all three forces for a period of 10-14 years. It is also worth mentioning that many SSC officers were using their ranks after retirement before this statement. But now its official.

 SSC officers are backbone of cadres down the ranks.

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