C-Section: 4 Precaution for Speedy Recovery

precaution c section

Delivering through C-Section is very common now all thanks to new lifestyle. As we know Cesarean section is also known as C-Section and generally we call it Cesarean delivery. C-Section  is a surgical procedure which is used to deliver baby through abdomen and uterus. Of-course C-Section is common but it is not new. C-section holds history since Ancient Roman times. The Ancient Roman Cesarean section was performed to deliver baby from the womb of a mother who died during the childbirth. So you need not to worry if you also have delivered through the same. Yes you need to be cautious. After C-Section you’ll need more time to recover.  So here are four precaution which can help you to speed up your recovery and spend quality time with your little one.

1. Avoid Heavy Weights

Exercise or any other activity which gives any strains on the abdominal muscles to be avoided. Heavy lifting or pushing heavy weights is harmful after c-section. This period causes incision hernia. The entire healing takes about minimum period of six to eight weeks depending upon your heeling power. Avoid Taking stairs.

2. Cleanliness

After delivering your baby by c-section the good hygiene is must. Comfort is needed for fast healing. Stitches takes time to dissolve. You can take sponge baths/shower and sand dry gently with clean towel. If staples are present it takes normally around 3-6 days to remove. Clean your self mom’s  so soon you enjoy your motherhood.

3. Eat Right

Eat foods with lots of proteins, rich in fiber, calcium and vitamins. Add Plenty of fluids as they digest easily. It prevents dehydration and constipation. Constipation is the problem which arises normally after C-section. Dealing with constipation for new moms always remains a challenge. Constipation can delay the healing process. Eating right is the key.

4. Emotional Health

Emotional health is as important as mental or physical health. After delivery there are lot of mood swings, hormonal changes as the body is recovering. Taking care of emotional health helps you recover faster. Spend quality time with your little one. Be part of social groups and do not forget to share your feelings. Understand that you might need to take time to decompress emotionally after the surgery. The delivery process sails you through lot of troughs.

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