Smart Tips To Increase Car Mileage, How To Improve?

Smart tips to increase mileage

Smart Tips To Increase Car Mileage, How to Improve?

If you want to increase mileage of your car then these tips can do wonders for you. Sky-touching fuel prices are concerning many. Amid inflation everybody wants his/her car to consume low on fuel and give best mileage. Consuming low on fuel not only saves your pockets but saves the environment also. Use these Smart Tips To Increase Car Mileage and save heavy on your pocket.

♦Reduce Load

Do not load any unwanted item. Remember, airlines prefer female crew as supporting staff on plane because they weigh less and the plane burns less fuel. It may sound crazy but it works. It may shock you that every 45 kg weight in your car drop your mileage up to 2%. So check out what your car is carrying which is useless.

Smart tips to increase mileage

♦Keep Windows Closed

Keeping your windows open let air to enter your car. Subsequently, it affects speed your car. To keep speed, you need to accelerate. It increases consumption of fuel.

♦Keep Tyre Pressure Right

Area of contact between tyre and road have great impact on mileage. If you keep right pressure as recommended by manufacturer, it will increase your mileage. Also all the four tyres will have same pressure to keep equal load on tyres. Keeping right pressure will keep driving safe and your tyres also last long.

Smart tips to increase mileage

♦Remove Roof Rack 

Rack on roof also impacts aerodynamic shape of your car. If you are not using roof rack, remove it. In simple words, roof rack restricts the incoming air and you have to burn extra drops to keep desired speed. Roof rack can decrease your mileage upto 5%.

♦Take Care Of Engine

Good maintained engine increases your mileage by 4%. Get your vehicle checkup in time. Use good quality oil and change it regularly. Air filter checkup is also important. Efficiency of engine depends upon the supply of fuel and air supplied to it. Air filter stops all impurities to enter engine. If filter is choked, your vehicle can’t breath properly. Changing a choked filter can increase your mileage by 10%.

♦Avoid Braking Unnecessarily 

Smother driving increase mileage and life of vehicle. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. You need to drive your vehicle at right speed. Mostly(70-80%) you drive vehicle on known roads. Anticipating speed breakers, slopes and turns can make your vehicle run smooth.

♦Speed Limit

If you drive at speed of 10km/hr more than set speed limit, you burn up to 20% extra fuel. Driving at constant speed in highest gear can save you good amount of fuel.

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