Tips To Sleep Better at Night

tips to sleep better in night

Tips To Sleep Better at Night

Healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Learn tips to sleep better at night. These tips will help you sleep better at night and be more energetic and productive during your waking hours. You’re not doomed to toss and turn every night. Consider simple tips to sleep better at night. Try to keep the following tips to sleep better at night on regular basis:

Caffeine is very bad and keep you awake for longer time.

tips to sleep better

It’s cool to stay hydrated and have a lot of fluids. But right time is key. Fluid make you go to the bathroom more often and it will disturb your sleep.

Afternoon naps make you feel rested longer and your body doesn’t need sleep. It also changes your sleep routine. So, try to avoid them.

Scrolling on your phone or tablet before going to bed can have a very negative effect because the brightness from the screen prevents the brain from falling asleep. Also try to keep your device minimum 2 feet away as they emit radiation which is harmful to your brain. Never place them below your pillow. If you don’t want to move before sleeping and can’t place your device on table and also you need alarm in the morning then best place to keep your device is on the floor below your bed.

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Many consider that reading books lead to good sleep but reading before bedtime is also known as a way to keep you awake for a longer period of time.

You should avoid buying alarm clock that has bright numbers. It’s because the light from the screen will disturb your sleep and you can’t fall asleep. You can choose alarm clock having dimmer numbers.

There is saying “Money can buy you bed but can’t buy you sleep”. That is true but money can definitely add quality to your sleep. Quality surface is very important for a good night sleep. You will wake up rested and energized.

You sleep so that your organs rest and re-energizes.  When you lie down with a full stomach, you won’t fall asleep fast and you will have disturbed sleep. It happens  because your liver is still working. And your liver needs other organs to function and keep your half body organs awake for digestion. And when your body is half disturbed, you dream disturbed and wake up tired.

When you exercise, your body fills with adrenaline and your blood pressure raises. This is the reason you can’t go to sleep quickly.

tips to sleep better at night

Warm your feet every time before going to bed.

Sleeping to your left is best position. Sleeping to side help you sleep good and you won’t have a sore back and shoulder or even neck when you wake up.

Hit your bed only when you want to sleep. Don’t make your bed a dining table, rolling area or play station. When you use your bed only for sleep, you teach your mind when it is time to sleep.

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Set up a routine before going to bed to teach your brain when it is time to sleep, like brushing your teeth, washing your face etc.


We need to understand our body it’s functions. Biological clock is very much important. Sleeping is a phenomenon where our body cleanse its internal systems(organs) one by one. There is certain time for which an organ is cleaned by flushing extra blood to the particular organ. This full process is controlled by our biological clock. And biological clock is set over a period of time. If you don’t complete 8-10 hours sleep and that also in a fixed regime, your biological clock disturbs. When you sleep, your body doesn’t understand when to start cleaning process and system starts malfunctioning. It result in disturbed sleep. Also when your organs are not cleaned properly, other side-effects like aging, wrinkles and problem like hair-fall start. Hence, it is very important to sleep and eat in time.

If you eat well and sleep well, you will get up happy.

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Always Remember

Happiness Brings Success, Success Doesn’t Bring Happiness.


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