Ranu Mondal Biography,Wiki,Age,Income,Family & Facts(Updated)

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Ranu Mondal Biography,Wiki,Age,Income,Family & Facts

Footpath to Bollywood, Ranu Mondal is a singer who belongs to Ranaghat town in West Bengal. She hit headlines after her singing video went viral on social media. In July 2019,  Atindra Chakraborty recorded the song of “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” and shared it on social media. The recorded song made her star overnight. Lets know more about Ranu Mondal Biography,Wiki,Age,Income,Family & Facts.

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Real name
Ranu Mariah Mandal
Landed on Earth November 5, 1960
Age 59 years
Birth place Ranaghat, West Bengal India
Education N/A
Occupation Singer, Internet sensation
Notable work Happy Hardy and Heer
Known for Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai
Years active
Weight 59 KG
Size 32-28-34
Husband Babul Mandal
Daughter daughter ranu mondal
Handed Right Handed
Marital Status Married
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Sun Sign Scorpio
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Fav Actor Salman Khan
Fav Food Rice, Biryani
Fav Singer Lata Mangeshkar
Fav Color Black, Blue

Quick Facts:-

  • Ranu spent most of her childhood in aunt’s place after losing her mother.
  • She was married to Babul Mondal of Mumbai. She returned to Ranaghat(Hometown) after her husband died.
  • Ranu Mondal started to sing at Ranaghat station in West Bengal, India. People would be surprised to hear the vocal chords.
  • The song ‘Ek Paar Ke Nagma’, a song sung by the famed artist Ranu Mandal, became popular overnight soon after it went viral on social media.
  • From begging at Ranaghat station, singing to a renowned artist is nothing less than a dream for Ranu.
  • Her daughter left her alone 10 years ago and never came back to meet again once, but after she went viral her daughter came to meet her and said, from now on she will be with her mom Ranu.
  • Actor Himesh Reshammiya was impressed with Ranu’s song and gave her the opportunity to sing in his studio.
  • She got offer from several Radio and Television channel.
  • Ranu’s songs are famous in America and Europe too.

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