MCO Contact Numbers, Fax & Phone Details

MCO Contact Numbers, FAX, & Phone Details

Movement Control Office (MCO) is responsible for assisting in planning, preparation, documentation, coordination and control of military movements in support of operations, exercises and administrative deployments across country. For enquery MCO contact numbers are provided.

At major railway stations, Movement Control Offices serves as help desk for defense commuters. It provides them with reservation against the quota made available to Military. The office is dedicated to make rail reservations for military personnel.

MCO Contact Information and phone numbers
MCO Contacts Update

In the service of our proud soldiers, MCO Contact Numbers, Fax & Phone Details of all Indian railway stations are given alphabetically A to Z below :-

Contact Details of MCO Offices

Agra MCO☎️ : 0562-2253255
📞 : 9411841197
🖨️ : 0562-2253255-Fax
Amritsar MCO☎️: 0183-2560845
🖨️ : 0183-2560845-Fax
Ambala MCO☎️: 0171-2645138 
🖨️:  0171-2645138-Fax
Ajmer MCO☎️: 0145-2629595 
🖨️ : 0145-2425994-Fax
Ahmedabad☎️ : 079-22160567 
🖨️ : 07922862627-Fax
Allahabad 102 MC/MF☎️ : 0532-2618176
🖨️ : 0532-2402700-Fax
Allahabad 401 MC/MF☎️ : 0562-2420184
🖨️ : 056222533255-Fax
फौजीयों के लिए, जरूर पढ़ें :-

Contact Numbers, FAX, Phone No & MCO Details

Babina MCO☎️0510-2741948
🖨️ : 0510-2741948-Fax
Bangalore MCO☎️080-29504888
🖨️: 080-29504888-Fax
📞 : 7624978960
Baroda MCO☎️: 0265-2793429
🖨️ : 0265-2793429-Fax
Belgaum MCO☎️0831-2422327 
🖨️ : 0831-2442517-Fax
Behrampur MCO☎️0680-2201645
🖨️: 0680-2222745-Fax
Borjhar MCO☎️: 0361-2841814
Bikaner MCO☎️0151-2546893
Bhatinda MCO☎️0164-2236541
Bareilly MCO☎️: 0581-2574869
🖨️ : 0581-2574869-Fax
Bhopal MCO☎️0755-2733421
🖨️: 07552746213-Fax
📞 : 9424469140
Coimbatore MCO☎️: 0422-2302071
🖨️ : 0422-2306470-Fax
📞 : 9442842778
 Chennai MCO☎️ : 044- 25356900
🖨️ : 044-25340048-Fax
Chandigarh MCO☎️: 0172-2658145
🖨️ :0172-2641034-Fax
Cochin (Eranakulam)☎️: 0484-26662678
🖨️: 06115231751-Fax
DanapurMCO☎️: 06115-231751
🖨️: 06115231751-Fax
Devlali MCO☎️: 0253-2497867 
🖨️: 0253-2497867-Fax
Dehradun MCO☎️:0135-2520159 
🖨️ : 0135-252059-Fax
Dumdum MCO☎️: 033-25119014
🖨️ : 033-25119014-Fax
Delhi Jn MCO☎️: 011-23963529
🖨️: 011-23975310-Fax
Dimapur MCO☎️: 03862-233936
Dhupguri MCO☎️: 03563259753 
🖨️:03563259753 -Fax
फौजीयों के लिए, जरूर पढ़ें :-

Office No/ MCO Fax No / MCO Mobile Number

Firozpur MCO☎️: 01632-248941
🖨️ 01632-248941-Fax
Guwahati  MCO☎️: 0361-2606689
🖨️: 0361-2734830
Gaya MCO☎️: 06312224131
🖨️: 06312224131-Fax
Gorakhpur MCO☎️: 0551-2207394
🖨️: 0551-2202688-Fax
Goa MCO☎️: 08322700505
🖨️: 08322700505-Fax
Gwalior MCO☎️: 0751-2344564
🖨️: 0751-2540178-Fax
📞: 9607223897
Hyderabad MCO☎️040-23201542 
🖨️ : 040-23201540-Fax
Howrah MCO☎️: 033-26386548
🖨️: 03326411231-Fax
Hasiamra MCO☎️: 035-66255260
🖨️: 03566255260 -Fax
📞: 8972246466
H Nizamuddin☎️:011-24350338
🖨️: 011-2323051-Fax
📞 : 9868581167
Jabalpur MCO☎️: 0761-2628230 
🖨️: 0761-2628230-Fax
Jaipur MCO☎️:0141-2360768
🖨️: 0141-2388294-Fax
Jalandhar MCO☎️: 0181-2414905 
🖨️: 0181-2414905-Fax
Jammu MCO☎️: 0191-2470795
🖨️: 0191-2470795-Fax
Jodhpur MCO☎️: 0291-2516496 
🖨️: 0291-2566900-Fax
Jamnagar MCO☎️: 0288-2756908 
🖨️: 0288-2756908-Fax
Jhansi MCO☎️: 05174-473605 
🖨️: 0510-2370945-Fax
📞 : 9839912791
Karwar MCO📞: 08382232079
Kanpur MCO☎️:  0512-22328203 
🖨️ : 0512-2383781-Fax
📞: 7523988927
Kathgodam MCO☎️: 0594-6222043 
🖨️: 0594-6267923-Fax
Khadki MCO☎️: 020-25817318
🖨️: 020-25817318-Fax
📞: 9422305469
Kota MCO☎️: 0744-2461048 
🖨️ : 0744-2461048-Fax
Kolkatta  MCO☎️: 033-22231637 
🖨️ : 033-22231637-Fax
Kochi MCO☎️: 0484-2668129
🖨️: 0484-2668129-Fax

MCO Contact Numbers, Fax, Phone numbers & Details

Lucknow MCO☎️: 0522-2637139 
🖨️: 05222637039-Fax
Mariani MCO☎️: 0376-2310467 
🖨️: 0377-1243659-Fax
Meerut  MCO☎️: 0121-2664310 
🖨️: 0121-2664310-Fax
📞 : 09750472780
Mhow MCO☎️: 07324-226955
🖨️ : 07324-226955-Fax
Mumbai Central☎️: 022-23024750 
🖨️ : 022-23080845-Fax
Madgaon MCO☎️: 0832-2700505
🖨️ :  0832-2700505-Fax
Misamari MCO☎️: 03714-253500 
🖨️ : 03714253500-Fax
Mathura MCO☎️: 0565-2410743 
🖨️ : 05652410743-Fax
Mumbai CST☎️: 022-22695537
🖨️ : 022-22620674-Fax
Mumbai MCO CST MOBILE : 9987283055 (Whatsapp). Mumbai CST has started facility to book railway tickets through whatsapp. Form is to be filled and forwarded to MCO along with proof of identity (Canteen card/Dependent card) duly signed by Admin Authority.


Office Timing :       

Mon,Tues, Thur & Fri –  0900 Hrs To 1700 Hrs 

Wed & Sat                       0900 Hrs To 1330 Hrs

MCO Office No/ MCO Fax No / MCO Mobile Number
Nagpur MCO ☎️: 0172-2560181
🖨️: 0172-2562737-Fax
New Jalpaiguri
☎️: 0353- 2691782
🖨️: 03532690404 -Fax
📞: 9851800461
New Delhi MCO☎️: 011-23237984 
🖨️: 011-23230514-Fax
📞 : 9818765098
Nizamuddin MCO☎️: 011-24350338
🖨️: 01124359120 -Fax
📞 : 9868581167
Pune MCO☎️: 020-26119157
🖨️: 020-26453446-Fax
Pathankot MCO☎️: 0186-2252010 
🖨️ : 01862252010-Fax
Patna  MCO☎️ : 0611-5231751
🖨️ : 0611-5231751-Fax
Palam MCO☎️ : 011-23094802
🖨️: 011-25674228 -Fax
📞: 9999509815
Port Blair MCO☎️: 03192-24109
🖨️ : 03192-233144-Fax
Ranchi MCO☎️: 0651-2460827 
🖨️: 0651-2462637-Fax
Rangbiya MCO☎️: 03621-241465 
🖨️ : 03621-242906-Fax
📞 : 9401404294
Sealdah MCO☎️: 033-23506412 
🖨️ : 03323506412-Fax
Secundrabad MCO☎️: 040-27701602 
🖨️ : 040-27800931-Fax
Saugor MCO☎️: 07582-247689 
🖨️ : 07582247689-Fax
Silchar MCO☎️: 03842-278939 
🖨️: 03842278939-Fax
Sriganganagar☎️: 0154-2444393
🖨️ : 01542444393-Fax
Suratgarh MCO☎️:      01509-225195 
🖨️ : 01509225195-Fax
Trivandrum MCO☎️: 0471-2323019
🖨️ : 0471-2323447-Fax
Tejpur MCO☎️03712-237643 
🖨️ : 03712237643-Fax
Tinsukia MCO☎️: 0374-2314851
🖨️ : 0374-220417-Fax
Udhampur MCO☎️: 01992243303
🖨️ : 01992243303-Fax
📞 : 9868581167
🖨️ : 0891-2747022​-Fax
FAQ’s About MCO ( Movement Control Office)
Can MCO quota be availed on RAC tickets?

Ans:- No. MCO quota is not allowed on RAC tickets. MCO quota is allowed on only wait listed tickets.

Is MCO available on all railway stations?

Ans:- No, MCO is only available at major railway stations.

Do MCO offices open 24 hours?

Ans:- No, there is specified opening hours of MCO’s.  MCO’s open in working hours only?

Do MCO’s open on Sunday?

Ans:- MCO’s don’t open on Sundays and Holidays.

Can MCO quota be availed by dependents of Armed Forces Personnel?

Ans:- Yes.

Can Para Military Forces Personnel avail MCO quota?

Ans:- No, MCO quota can be availed by Armed Forces Personnel only.

FAQ’s About MCO Quota

Can MCO quota be availed on tickets booked through tatkal quota?

Ans:- No, MCO quota can’t be availed on tickets booked through tatkal quota.

Can MCO quota be availed on tickets booked through current booking system?

Ans:- No, MCO quota can’t be availed on tickets booked through current booking system.

Can MCO quota be availed on tickets booked through online reservation system?

Ans:- Yes, if you book ticket through online portal you can avail MCO quota.

Can MCO quota be availed on tickets booked on railways reservation counter?

Ans:- Yes, MCO quota can be availed on tickets booked through MCO.

Do we need to visit MCO in person to avail MCO quota or can it be done through FAX?

Ans:- MCO quota can be availed by FAX. Please note that you have to send FAX to MCO in a prescribed format along with defense ID of individual who is travelling.

 Suppose wife of Arjun Singh is travelling. Whose defense ID is to be faxed or produce in person as defense ID proof ?

Ans:- If wife of Arjun Singh is travelling then defense ID proof of wife of Arjun Singh is to be deposited. Defense ID of Arjun Singh for his wife will not be accepted.

Arjun Singh and his wife, both are travelling, Will it be sufficient to produce defense ID of Arjun Singh only?

Ans:- No, Both defense IDs of Arjun Singh and his wife are to be produced in case both are travelling.

How can I book an e-ticket in defense quota through online IRCTC user?

Ans:- You can’t book Defense quota ticket through IRCTC. You have to book a ticket first and if it is a waiting list ticket or RAC then you have to apply at MCO.

Some More FAQ’s
Who can avail MCO quota?

Ans:- MCO Quota is applicable for Military Officers, cadets of the National Defense Academy or Air Force College or Naval Training Establishment, Chief Petty Officers of the Navy, Junior Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Sailors of all ranks, Airmen of all ranks, Soldiers of all ranks, dependents of all Armed Forces Personnel and certain non-combatants in Defense Service, military pensioners journeying to attend Regimental Re-unions and members of the Military Nursing Services.

What is purpose of DD quota?

Ans:- DDQ is aimed to provide emergency movement of armed forces for permanent duty transfer, temporary duty transfer or unplanned leave for our proud soldiers and their families.

Can ex-serviceman avail MCO quota?

Yes, ex-serviceman can also avail MCO quota.

Can booking against MCO quota be done by phone?

No, reservation of MCO quota will be entertained through official letter, FAX and signal only

What is time duration for booking against MCO quota?

Seats can be booked through MCO quota maximum 30 days prior to date of journey.

What is time duration to cancel ticket reserved through MCO?

Cancellation of reservation through MCO quota should be informed to MCO 24 hrs before departure of train.

  • Railway Security Helpline – 1332
  • All India Passenger Helpline – 138
  • PNR and Train arrival/ departure enquiry – 139
  • To report unsavory situation during journey – 182

We would love to hear from you. Any suggestion and correction are awaited. Please comment your words.

*Please note we are not officials from MCO department. The information is collected from online sources and MCO offices. Kindly don’t send requests to book tickets for you.

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