How to Buy Car Through Canteen CSD! Latest Rules! FAQs

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Car Through Canteen CSD. If you are working in Indian Military or are close relative of any proud Indian Soldier then certainly this article is for you. In this article we will discuss some important questions about buying car or four-wheeler through canteen. Many times our proud military persons buy car from normal showroom.Lack of time or lack of knowledge be blame for this but it is our above all duty to tell every person about the ways, rules and some other guidelines to buy car through CSD.

procedure how to buy car from canteen CSD

Now let’s understand the procedure how to buy a car from canteen CSD.

  • Once you have selected car, find dealers in your city. Contact and visit registered dealers. If car is available then jump to next step.
  • If car is on waiting period then you’ll have to deposit booking amount and book car. . Once you book the car, dealer will tell you waiting period. You will have to wait till your booked car arrives (Please note that not all cars are on waiting period).
  • Select for vehicle and dealer where you want to purchase.
  • Register yourself on csd-afd portal.
  • Check out all the desired boxes.
  • Now you will visit the canteen personally for identification and document verification. (To know what all documents are required, please visit link given below).
  • Canteen will verify all your documents and canteen will acknowledge payment made by you in its bank account. Then they will give you a purchase order online which can be given to dealer.
  • Deposit this purchase order to dealer and additionally pay insurance charges, registration charges (or temporary registration charges) and all other charges which you buy from showroom.(Please note if you have deposited any booking amount it is adjusted at this time by the dealer)
  • Take your vehicle get click the photographs and drive down your dream car home!!!!!! it is that simple!!!
Car Through Canteen CSD

FAQs on How to buy Car Through Canteen CSD

Here are some common questions, we will try to answer. The topic is categorised in questions for better apprehension.

Q: What is service criteria to buy car through canteen? 

Ans: Military runs on ranks and it clearly depends upon the rank you hold. The table below is updated criteria effect from 30 Nov 2022. 

Officers(serving and retired) & widows(as applicable) Pay level 10-18₹ 20 Lakhs excluding GSTOnce in Eight Years
Serving and Retired Defence Civilians Paid out of Defence Estimates in Pay level 11 to 18 only (including Family pensioners).₹ 20 Lakhs excluding GSTOnce in Eight Years
Hon/ JCOs Pay Level 6 to 9₹ 10 Lakhs excluding GSTFirst car as an Other rank(OR), Second car on promotion as JCO and third car after retirement. First car after five years of service. Gap between purchase of two cars to be eight years.
For windows, if late husband had purchased car each while in service as well as after retirement then widow will not be eligible to buy a car. In case husband had purchased a car(s) only in service, then widow can buy one car through CSD after a gap of eight years from the date of last purchase.
ORs(serving & Retired) & widows(as applicable Pay Level 3A to 5)₹8 Lakh excluding GSTFirst car in service and second car after retirement. First car after five years of service. Gap between purchase of two cars to be eight years.
For widows, if late husband had purchased car each in service and after retirement then widow will not be eligible to purchase car from CSD. In case late husband had only purchased one car in service, then widow can buy a car through CSD after a gap of eight years from the date of last purchase of car through CSD.
The table clearly says that if you are Hony/ JCO/ OR then minimum service requirement is 5 years.
How to buy car from canteen csd

Car Through Canteen CSD – Important questions and Answers

What type of  vehicle in terms of cc you can buy through defense canteen?

Ans:- As per new policy in effect from 30 Nov 2022, there is no limitation according to CC. The limit is only on price of the vehicle.

Can a defense personnel buy a car on other’s name?

Ans:- Absolutely not. Car  sanction is given to the person who holds canteen card . However one can transfer registration on any other’s name after5 years.

Can we finance the car buying through CSD ?

Ans:- Yes, one can definitely finance car and payback in EMI.  Bank or finance institute in showroom can finance your vehicle.

What is procedure to buy Car Through Canteen CSD and pay in EMI?

Ans:- It is pertinent to mention that CSD will not finance your car, it is bank or financing institute which will finance your car and the  procedure is as follows:-

  • Go to registered CSD showroom and apply for car online.
  • With the quotation, bank will generate e-challan. Go to the bank and submit the e-challan no in bank.
  • Tell your bank what is amount you will give as down payment. The bank will process your loan and will transfer money online to CSD account against e-challan generated and EMI you will pay to the bank.
What should be gap between purchase of two cars?

Ans:- It again depends upon rank:-

  • For officers – Every Eight years.
  • Hony  commissioned/ JCO – First car as an Other rank(OR), Second car on promotion as JCO and third car after retirement. First car after 5 years and gap between two cars to be 8 years.
  • For OR- First car as an Other rank(OR), Second carafter retirement. First car after 5 years and gap between two cars to be 8 years.
Can Widows of Defense Personnel buy car through  canteen CSD?

Ans:-Yes, but the car will be registered on her name only. She can not registered the car on other’s name.

After GST, are CSD rates same throughout India?

Ans:- No, after GST also the rates are different in different states.

What should be time gap between purchase of two-wheeler and four-wheeler?

Ans:- There is no time gap limitation between two-wheeler and four wheeler. You can buy two-wheeler and four on same day also.

What is time gap to purchase two wheeler through canteen?

Ans: Three years. If you buy a two-wheeler today then next two-wheeler you can buy after four years.

Is car sanction need approval from Delhi Headquarters to buy car through canteen CSD?

Ans: No, now car sanction do not need approval from Delhi. Now all forms get approval in unit only. And application will be online by registering on CSD official site

What is rank criteria to buy car through canteen CSD?

Ans:- Every rank holder can buy car through canteen. Only he/she should have completed 5 years of service except Commissioned Officers.

What is service criteria to buy car through canteen CSD?

Ans:- 5 years.

How much a person save on an average by purchasing Car Through Canteen CSD?

Ans:- About 10 to 12% on ex-showroom price.

Is there any discount on registration charges and road tax also?

Ans:- Certainly No, while availing CSD facility, discount is only on ex-showroom price. Insurance Premium Payment and Road Tax has to be separately made by the individual at showroom or at RTO and Insurance Company. Any additional accessories, if bought will bear extra charges to individual and customer will pay directly to dealer .

Is service of 5 years compulsory for serving personal?

Ans:- Yes.

Is there any waiting period to buy car through canteen?

Ans:- Yes, It depends upon the car, variant and also from which CSD you are buying the vehicle.

Can we book Car Through Canteen CSD  by giving advance booking amount?

Ans:- Yes, if the car is on waiting period ,you will have to give advance booking amount to the showroom.

What  happens to advance booking amount when we finally buy the car?

Ans:- It will  adjust in insurance money or accessory money by the showroom.

Is  car advance  booking amount refundable?

Ans:- Certainly yes, whether you buy car through canteen or normally. Anytime if you feel like you don’t want to buy car then you can refuse and you can refund your booking amount. Charges Rs 250-500 are deducted from your booking amount and rest amount will be refunded to you.

What is depot selling price? Is it ex-showroom price? What about insurance and registration charges? Do they include in Depot selling price?

Ans:- Certainly depot selling price is ex-showroom price when you buy vehicle through CSD. Insurance charges and registration charges are extra. Depot selling price is amount which you will pay to CSD. Insurance charges and registration charges are chargeable at showroom.

Is there discount on registration charges and Insurance?

Ans:- No, there is no discount on insurance and registration charges. Discount is only on ex-showroom price.

Can two-wheeler/ scooty / bike can be financed through bank?

Ans:- Yes.

What is age limit to buy car/ bike from CSD?

Ans:- No, there is no age limit to buy. Limit is according to rank and service.

Where can I get Contact details of 4/2 wheelers dealers near my city?

Ans:- You can click below the link to get contact details and phone numbers of 4/2 wheeler across India?

Click the link to get Contact details and phone numbers 4/2 wheeler DEALER LIST across India- 14 Jan 2022

How to pay loan amount from bank to CSD?

For loan cases, the loan amount have to be transferred to CSD HO Main Account through RTGS/NEFT by the bank only and balance amount to be made only through the payment gateway from the individual’s account.

If I transfer my first car on Family member’s name, Can I buy another car after 5 Years?

“NO”. The AFD-I item will be used for personal use only and will not be sold/ transferred before completion of four years from date of purchase for other AFD-I items ( for four wheelers — five years). The car cannot be transferred to anyone before completing 5 years of purchase. Next purchase shall be eligible only after completing Eight year time gap from the date of last purchase.

What are documents required for registration at csd-afd portal?

Valid Grocery Card, Beneficiary Mobile Number, Valid PAN Card

If you  have even more queries, please ask in comment section, we will help you for sure. We would love to hear from you. Drop down any query or words of appreciation in comment box.

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  1. En este artículo se analiza la compra de un vehículo a través del Departamento de Tiendas Cantina (CSD), que viene con su propio conjunto único de factores a tener en cuenta, que sirve como una guía informativa de preguntas y respuestas. Sus opiniones brindan una ayuda invaluable a otras personas interesadas en realizar este tipo de compra porque responden cuestiones vitales relacionadas con la elegibilidad y el proceso. Agradezco que hayas compartido este conocimiento conmigo.

  2. Navigating car purchases through the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) requires understanding the process and implications. This informative article offers important questions and answers related to buying cars through CSD. Just as individuals research financing options, comprehending the details of car purchases through CSD ensures a smooth experience. Armed with knowledge about eligibility, pricing, and documentation, buyers can confidently make informed decisions that align with their financial plans.

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  6. Can I got indent form signed from other zilla sainik board than my hometown board and I didn’t have service book aur PPO with me now. Can I buy a car from CSD mumbai as I have canteen card and Ex-servicemen ID with me.

  7. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    I have booked Tata Tiago xz from Csd but now i Want to buy Suzuki Dzire.
    Is it possible that i can change my car.
    I send the amount via Neft to Csd Depo But i didn’t get LOS from Depo.
    It is possible that Csd change my quotation.
    Please Reply 🙏

  8. First of all heartily thanks for such detailed article. Very informative. I have a small worry.

    Is out possible to buy car from mumbai showroom of the ex-servicemen is registered in zila sainik kalyan board of some other district of some other state for eg Ghaziabad??

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    hyundai elite i20 sportz plus 2019 (petrol)
    hyundai elite i20 sportz plus 2019 (diesel)

  10. f defence person who is going to buy a car, he can’t able to come zainik board because of long distance.what he can do for this like senior citizense

    1. No, you can not use this one. Validity of car sanction is 90 days only. Get it sign again.
      Thank you for your suggestion, we have added thus query in our article for others convenience.
      Team BharatFlux.

  11. I’m retired from army and joined DSC and my discharge book is submitted into DSC so who i can buy a car from csd

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  13. Can an exserviceman get indent (for car purchase ) signed from any of the Zila Sainik boards in country, or only from his hometown’s Zila Sainik board ?

  14. Good information on how to buy car through canteen csd.Many questions are helpful. NYC explaination

  15. It it possible to sell the vehicle or Is there any required time peroid to sell the vehicle?

    1. Yes, there is definitely required time period to sell the vehicle when you buy through CSD canteen.
      2 years is the time. You can not sell the vehicle before 2 years.

  16. Registration charges apply on ex-showroom price or depot selling price?????? For ex. In haryana baleno delta petrol model ex-showroom price is 594000 and depot selling price is 512000 then registration charges apply on 594000 or 512000??????

    1. Ex showroom price is normal price.
      If you don’t want to purchase through canteen then you will have to pay 5.94 L.
      Deopt price is CSD price and that is 5.12L.
      If you buy normally then registration charges will be on 5.94L.
      But when you are buying through canteen, registraion charges will be on 5.12L.

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