2 Sea Warriors; INS Vikrant Vs INS Vikrmaditya; Comparison

INS Vikrant commissioned into Indian Navy on 02 Sep 22. With the commissioning of Vikrant, India Joined elite club of countries who are self reliant to make aircraft carrier. INS Vikrant is first aircraft carrier made in India but Indian Navy has one more aircraft carrier in service and its name is INF Vikrmaditya. However, Vikrmaditya is not made in India. INS Vikrmaditya was procured from Russia in 2013. INS Vikrmaditya is greater to home made INS Vikrant.

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Two Indian aircraft will defend now Indian seas. lets know more about the two sea warriors. How much they differ from each other.

INS VikrmadityaINS Vikrant

Vikramadiya is made in Russia and procured by India in 2013.MakeVikrant is made in India by Cochin Shipyard limited and commissioned in Indian Navy in 2022
284 Length(m)262
30 knots(54km/hr)Speed28knots(51km/hr)
There are no major differences between the two. But a major difference lies in the History. As one is brand new and other is reused. Lets see the major difference.
  • Vikrmaditya was procured by India in 2013. Its original name was Admiral Gorshkov and it was commissioned in 1987 in USSR Navy. It served Russian Navy till 1996. Due to high running cost and major maintenance involved, Russians decommissioned it in 1996. It was refurbished and overhauled again under contract with Indian Navy and got commissioned in 2013 under name INS Vikrmaditya.

  • Whereas INS Vikrant is made in India with only 24% imported components. INS Vikrant is young and home chiseled.


Clearly we can make out the differences between the two Sea mammoths INS Vikrmaditya and INS Vikrant. However at global domain, India has to go a long way. Main thing which INS Vikrant brings to India is Confidence. India can boast of its own capabilities now.

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