INS Vikrant-Engineering and Ship Building Marvel;Made In India

Majestic Tiger who is going to roar in Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Engineering and Ship Building Marvel;Made in India is all set to prowl and snarl on high seas. Prime minister Narender Modi dedicated the steel mammoth to the nation on 02 Sep 2022 as part of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav“.

Making of INS Vikrant has been a long story of more than 20 years. It has not been easy for India to be self dependent to make city of steel on the waves.


History of INS Vikrant dates back to 04 March 1961 when Indian flag was first hosted on HMS Heraclius in North Ireland. Ship was procured from British Navy and was named INS Vikrant. The aircraft carrier served in Indian waters for 36 years. INS Vikrant ensured India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971 when sea-hawks born on INS Vikrant destroyed Chitgaon, coax bazaar and Khulna of Bangladesh. The aircraft carrier de-commissioned on 31 Jan 1997.

INS Vikrant Reborn

INS Vikrant reborn on 02 Sep 2022 when honorable Prime Minister Narender Modi dedicated it to the nation. Vikrant is the first aircraft carrier made in India.

Story of Making INS Vikrant in India

Idea Of Swadeshi, 1999

Post Kargil war, India felt need to have air craft carrier to deal with threats to Indian sovereignty as air craft carrier is game changer in any war. Resolution was taken by GOI to have aircraft carrier-Made in India.

Indian Navy was experienced in operating aircraft carrier but India didn’t have experience to make one.

Cochin Shipyard Limited, 2002

Cabinet committee on security under the able leadership of then Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave node to make carrier in India. Its construction started in Cochin Shipyard Limited. Initially it was 60:40 ratio which means 60% Indian and 40% imported material.

Everything was running on track as planned till 2005 when Russia denied supplying warship grade steel to India

Opportunity in Problem

  • To make an aircraft carrier, it needs special graded steel
  • The steel is called warship grade steel for which India was dependent on Russia
  • On Putin’s denial for supply, Construction of Vikrant was halted for 2 years
  • DRDO and Steel authority of India came together to convert this problem in to opportunity
  • India developed its own warship graded steel ending India dependence on foreign nations
  • Now Jindal group and SR group together produce warship graded steel.

Got ready in 13 Years

Review of Journey
  • 2009

    Keel(foundation) of INS Vikrant was laid down. Aircraft carrier stated progresive construction

  • 2011

    29 Aug 2011, the carrier came out of dry dock which means its basic construction was completed

  • 2013

    12 Aug 2013, Vikrant was launched and it completed basin trails in Dec 2022

  • 2021

    04 Aug 2021, Vikrant made maiden sortie in to sea

  • 2022

    On 2 Aug 2022, INS Vikrant got commissioned into Indian Navy. It may take some more time to get it fully operational

What Makes INS Vikrant so special?

Vikrant is a floating city on the waves

Cost-₹20,000/- Crores
  • Vikrant have 4 LM-2500 gas turbines which generates 88 MW power

    Produced power is enough to supply for a medium grown city

  • 59 mtr high, 262 mtrs long and 62 mtrs in breadth, Vikrant has 14 decks with canteen and modern kitchen

    Vikrant looks like 10 storey building and in its kitchen, food for 1600 people can be prepared in 1 hour. Vikrant has 2300 apartments and 1700 warriors can be accommodated

  • Vikrant boasts of multi specialty hospital and pool.

    Fully loaded, displacement is 42,800 tons and it can cruise with a speed of 51km/hr

  • Once fueled, Vikrant an fight for 45 days

    Vikrant can be refueled midsea

  • Apart from India, the US, UK, Russia, China and France have designed and manufactured aircraft carriers above 40,000 tones. Vikrant is testimony to ‘New India’ becoming aatamnirabhar in its defense needs

Vikrant’s Power

What Vikrant can deliver?
  • The power of an aircraft carrier lies in the fighter jets and helicopters it carries.

  • 30 fighter jets will be positioned on INS Vikrant along with 10 helicopters

  • INS Vikrant will be less with Mig 29K fighter jets, Kamov-31 helicopters and MH-60R multirole helicopter. Once a fighter is on the flight deck, it can take off within a few seconds.

  • Vikrant can travel upto7500 nautical miles distance once loaded

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