5 Reasons Why Defense Wives Are Superwoman

5 Reasons Why Defense Wives Are Superwoman

5 Reasons Why Defense Wives Are Superwoman

Men love their country, not because it is great but because it is their own. All are born strong and Patriot but a few becomes soldiers. Soldier is spice who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars.

Fortunate are souls who are destined to safeguard their motherland. Blessed are wombs who deliver patriotic flesh.

5 Reasons Why Defense Wives Are Superwoman bharatfluxNobody can even describe what a soldier scarifies for his country. But in this article, we are going to feel “Silent Power Behind The Punch”. Definitely a soldier is made up of strongest mettle. But the string of these kites standing strong on borders is controlled by very soft hands which are strong emotionally.

Yes, we are talking about wives of defense personnel. Why they are supernatural and are different creed? Serving nation as soldier is obvious proud-full but being wife of soldier is utmost fortunate. In this article, we will discuss about 5 reasons as why defense wives are so strong-stronger than hubbies at times.

1. Facing danger yourself is easy than sending someone you love

Defence service is second danger most service (or) job in the world. One is at risk 24×7. Going to these high risk duty places daily takes a lot of courage but indeed sending your loved one to such duties is more tough. You can step out yourself for such places but it is tough when your partner is going and you are just seeing him off.

army wives bharatflux

2. Career is no option

In an individual’s life, two aspects affects much.

  • Marriage
  • Career

Living life in a true manner is by listening to your heart, follow your passion. But this idea is of no-use for defense wives. They have to give go-by to career opportunity. A few can only be content by teaching in schools nearby. One may find 9-5 job in private sector locally but with no growth. When there is time for growth/increment, husband gets transfer order and you have to leave with him. In the new town, meter starts from zero. There are many qualified women who have compromised their elite jobs for being there for husband and children.

3. Securing Fort Like Soldier

Without any rank, they stand tall. They hold fort when hubbies are away on duty for months. Day to day life is normal as always. It doesn’t matter whether he is at home or away. Everything sails through in same passion. You may say it is normal for any other woman. Of-course it is, But courage starts here:-

                         Home is more than a fort of emotions than wall of bricks. Specially for ladies, every painting, every piece in corner, every small piece hanging on the wall takes lot of energy and emotions before it finds place in home. Now why these ladies are superwomen because they take months to convert house into home and they have to leave it in just an intimation before a fortnight or a month. Its not easy to convert a house into home and then again convert it again into house with your own hands.

                  Can you do that??????

4. Be on the Same Page

                            It may sound crazy but yes it is true!!! There are couples who are working. Fields may be different. When they return home in the evening, both are tired and have same energy level after spending hours in office. So their likes, dislikes, decisions, going out, dinning out etc mostly resemble.

                          Same is not the case in these wonder-women’s life. As mentioned earlier, hubbies go through a very hectic schedule in office. Generally, their day starts very early in the morning. When they reach home, their energy level is down to minimum.

army wives

                             It is when, magic begins. Understanding of these ladies is way ahead than normal women. They spend full day at home waiting for their hubbies. When heroes comes home, they don’t exude out their energy on husbands. It may sound easy but actually it is not when you are full of energy and you behave normal and that too for years(Sundays are exceptions).

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5. Don’t Know Where is Home

                                  Yes, they don’t know exactly where is home. They get married and in most of the cases they go along-with hubbies to their duty station. Frequent transfers, town after town, sometimes at home station, sometimes at duty station, its frustrating. Its really wondering when half of your life is over and you don’t know where you are going to settle finally. This decision is generally taken in last years of career. In a nutshell, half of your life is over and you don’t know exactly which is your home city and where you are gonna settle.

        For half of their life home is where duty calls.

                                   The list can be endless. There are more contexts which remain unpredictable. From outside, life of a fauji’s wife looks glamorous and dashing. Yes it is but there is also challenging role to play. And these are superwomen who fulfill these challenges silently.

                                       There are lot many other sacrifices such as handling in-laws, neighbors, raising children (for most of the times alone).

  No man can defend the border, if his own fort is not secured internally by his superwoman.

   Definitely these superwoman are with a salute!!!

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