Mobile SIM lost. How to Get Same SIM Number?

How to get same mobile number when sim card lost

How to get same SIM number?

In India, there are many instances where we loose our mobile and SIM card. Losing mobile is painful as we loose all the contacts stored in it. But somehow that can be managed by getting contact numbers from other social media or backups.

how to get same SIM number

What become more tiresome is getting the same number back. If we enquire, there is general tendency where people advise to lodge an FIR and along with FIR copy, go to mobile store and then you can apply for new SIM. Thought of visiting Police station makes people frustrated.

how to get same SIM number

But friends if you loose your SIM and want to get the same number, there is no such procedure. Only you have to visit service provider office along with your Adhaar card. With Adhaar card only ,your service provider will issue you a SIM with same number. This is as simple. Your new SIM will activate in 2-4 hours depending upon company to company. Also your previous balance will add to your new SIM.

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