Why Army Day, Navy Day, Air Force Day is Celebrated

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Indian Armed Forces are much respected and celebrated forces. President of India is the Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces. With strength of more than 14 Lakhs active personnel, the forces stands second-largest Military force. The Indian Armed Forces is the World’s fifth most powerful Military. The power is felt with in the country and across the globe. Akin to world standards, the forces are equally celebrated in India. Three forces celebrate their day with much legacy. Every Indian should be aware of why we celebrate our forces day.

Why Army Day is celebrated on 15 Jan

Army Day : Army day is celebrated on January 15 every year . On January 15 , 1949 , the command of the Indian Army was handed over from General Sir Francis Butcher to Lieutenant General Kodandera M. Cariappa. The day is celebrated in the form of parades . Army day marks the transfer of power from the British to Independent India , an important event in Indian history . On 15 January 2022 , India celebrated its 74th Indian  Army Day in New Delhi . The day is celebrated to salute the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives to Nation .

Why Navy Day is celebrated on 04 Dec

Navy Day : Navy Day is celebrated on December 4 every year. The day is celebrated to respect the achievements of Indian Navy in Operation Trident conducted during the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971 . The aim behind celebrating Navy Day was to boost and increase awareness about the Navy amongst the general public . The Indian Navy secure the marine borders also enhancing the international relations of India. The Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is considered as ” Father of the Indian Navy ” .

Why Airforce Day is celebrated on 08 Oct

Air Force Day : Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year. On October 8, 1932 the Indian Air Force was officially founded as a supporting force for the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. The aim of celebration is to raise awareness around the world about ( IAF ) Indian Air Force which is an organization that works towards strengthening national security. The Indian Air Force main motto is ”Nabha Sparsham Deeptham” , which simply means ”Touch the Sky with Glory”. 

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