10 Unknown Facts About George HW Bush

george hw bush

Unknown Facts About George HW Bush

Former 41st President of US George HW Bush died Friday at the age of  94. We’re taking a look back on the life and career of former president. Let’s explore 10 unknown facts about  former US President George HW Bush.

i) Full Name and Nick Names

Full name is George Herbert Walker Bush. The heavyhearted was more popular with names ‘Poppy’, ‘Bush 41’ and ‘George Bush Sr’.

ii) Date of Birth

Bush was born on 12 Jun 1924 and breathed last on 30 Nov 2018, nearly eight months after his beloved wife died at the age of 73 years.

iii) Jack Of All Trades

The fearless leader was congressman, an ambassador to UN,  director of investigation agency CIA, Vice-president for two times and finally proud President of US.

iv) A Navy Pilot

41st President of US was a bonafide war hero. He joined navy on his 18th birthday in 1942. Being youngest pilot of that time, he flew for 58 times.

v) Decorated Officer

For his meritorious service in Navy, he was awarded ‘Distinguished Flying Cross’ for bravery. His serviced to the nation also earned him three ‘Air Medals’ and ‘The President Unit Citation’.

vi) Battle with Death In Battlefield

George left Navy after his plane was shot down by Japanese on Sep 2, 1944 while he was bombing on Japan. He ejected himself and landed in sea. He was rescued by the submarine USS Finback.

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vii)  Love – Dove

Facts George HW BushAdventures Bush met Barbara Pierce, in Phillips Academy and tied knot in Jan 1945. The couple was together for more than seven decade and became the longest married presidential couple in US history.


viii) Facts George HW BushFather of President

On  6 Jul 1946, the couple gave birth to another US president George Walker Bush. George W Bush became president in 2000. It was second time in history of US that a father and son had been elected president. The first father-son duo to be president were John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

ix) Kids

In 1953, the couple lost their 3 year old daughter to leukemia. The couple had four sons and one daughter.


x) Always Followed His Passion and dived from sky at 90

Handsome war hero loved to ride speedboats, played Golf and Tennis. Well spoken lad also captained Yale baseball team. The lion-hearted did skydiving on his 90th birthday and shocked many across the world.

Blessed is the country which is led by such heavyhearted president. He rose from a pilot to US president and led adventurous life. Definitely the hero led life not less than movie stories and the soul remain an inspiration to all of us.

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