Is Internet A Good Thing

Internet was born in 1969. Since then it has changed the way of life on planet Earth. Also internet is exploring its ways to Universe. A person sitting on toilet sheet, to an astronomer, everybody is connected. It seems like it has become as essential as food, water and air for us.

          Knowingly or unknowingly, we have inculcated habit of staying connected. If our Wi-Fi signal don’t work for sometime or power supply interrupts, we get into Buzz. We have fallen into a digitally connected world. Our every action is recorded. When we check in, Google along with its maps and location services records your every step. You must not be aware but you can track your history where you have visited? Yes it is possible because your mobile always work as a tracking device.


           Every Move of us is recorded. You just visit online retailer and in future, you will find same ads where ever you visit online. You will find our information is being sold to marketers. Organisations, around the clock watch you for their goods and services and daily you get minimum 10 calls.

    Maximum of this is happening without our consent.

We keep  posting on social media where we are visiting? what activity we are doing? we are with family or without family? Everything we divulge.

          Friends, keep it in mind, our social media feeds are being chased. Everything is connected. Facebook to Instagram, Google Plus to Pinterest. We have smart TVs, smart watches, smart ACs, smart refrigerators and all these things are collecting data.

              It does not mean it is wrong. All these things are done for our convenience only. But the point is, how safe this data is?

            According to Gartner Inc report for 2017, there were 8.4 million things connected in use worldwide. In 2020, this number will reach to 20.4 Bn. Internet has business of spending on endpoints and services worth $2 trillion.

            There is no denying to the fact that Internet is key to connectivity of our life. A grandma can see her grandson in USA from South Africa. But internet has the problem of absence of effective security protocols.


                  In the past decade, we have seen device like baby monitors, TV sets, cameras and even security cameras being attacked for security breach.

       Every context of life, we are moving to smart world but overlook the threats and initiatives which are required to ensure security of us. We assume that smarter our home is, better our life becomes, But in reality, technology gets in the way of leading a good life. Husband and wife are talking to each other on social media under the same roof!!!

       These are two major points which we need concern

  • Our Security online.
  • Our one to one relation.

          Though, we don’t have much to support but signs are telling. Perhaps the key to our future happiness lies in going back to our old ways.

             Your feedback on this article awaited !!!

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