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Sunita Banerjee is a Mumbai based doctor. sarvadam banerjee wifeShe is famous because she is ex-wife of Sarvadaman Banerjee who played Krishna in Ramanad’s Show Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna was aired on DD National in 1996. 


Date of Birth

Sunita was born on 04 Feb 1958 in Mumbai.


Sunita Banerjee is MBBS graduate from Pune’s prestigious Armed Forces Medical College. She completed MBBS in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1982. After graduation, she set up a successful family medicine practice in Mumbai.



Sunita got married to Sarvadaman Banerjee who was famous actor in 80’s and 90’s. From the marriage they have daughter also. This marriage lasted for 14 years and the couple separated for the good. Their daughter Aalika Banerjee stayed with Sunita Banerjee. However, Sunita got married to Sanjeev Wadhwani who is former lyric writer and music  composer.


Sarvadaman Banerjee



sanjeev wadhwani

Sanjeev Wadhwani

aalika and sunita banerjee

Aalika Banerjee

Dr Sunita Banerjee Now

Sunita was attached to Kopran limited, a Pharmaceutical Company, as a medical adviser and worked with them for fifteen years, Further she was also editing a Medical News Magazine-Medi=Science. 

     After that Dr Sunita got trained in Asthetics in London and came back to India to start an Aesthetic Medicine practice. Now she has started a clinic along-with her husband Sanjeev Wadhwani and daughter Aalika Banerjee. The clinic is called Eternesse. The clinic focusu on today’smajor medical problems related to genetic testing, lifestyle, beauty, health and aging. Also she is closely associated with A4M(American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine). Her daughter Aaalika Benerji who is married now, is also practicing in the same clinic as Anti Aging, Nutrition & Esthetics.

        However Dr Sunita Banerjee is married to Sanjeev Wadhwani but she still uses her surname as Banerjee.

Thats all available information about Dr Sunita Banerjee.



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