Can Selfie Hamper Your Skin

Can Selfie Hamper Your Skin

Can Selfie Hamper Your Skin

Yes you read it right!!! If you love a good selfies, you cosider turning the flash on your smartphone. We are going to discuss some disadvantages which can hamper your skin.

Next time think before you click.

Nowadays selfies are on the verge. People are crazy for selfies. Often we listen news of people loosing life in attempt to take selfie. This is not new but in today’s article we will throw light on something that you will think before you get clicked next time.

Yes, many dermatologists have warned that extra clicking may affect your skin. Dermatologists believe that continuous emission of light and electromagnetic radiation from your camera may affect your skin. It may result in wrinkle formation on your skin. Clicking for more selfies may make you look aged. You may look older before age.

According to British Skin specialist Simon , flash light and blue light which hit your skin while taking selfie is dangerous. Frequent exposure to visible light spectrum of the selfie flashes may cause skin damage and accelerated ageing.

Affect of selfie on Skin

According to experts, electromagnetic radiations affect your skin DNA badly. Due to this damage, skin repairing capacity of your body goes down. Due to which you start getting early signs of wrinkles. Flashes from LEDs, which are used in most smartphones can affect the skin’s ability to repair itself. No cream or sun-cream may rebuild that damage. You can not hydrate your skin once it is damaged.

Apart from skin, the radiation emitted form camera are equally dangerous for your eyes. The tissues in your eyes are very sensitive. That is the reason some people blink when flash light emits because their body doesn’t allow heavy dose of light radiation to enter eyes. But when we click for selfie keeping eyes open is must. Hence light entered in our pupil is dangerous and may make our eyesight weak when get extra dose.

The crux of this, really, is to recognize that what is affecting your body. You should stop doing whatever it is that’s Making your body hurt. But clicking is passion today. You can also increase the distance from which flashlight is hitting your face. The intensity of light reaching the skin can be significantly reduced.

Clicking is good but avoid over clicking. Try keeping flash off. Your body is more important.