5 Reasons Why Girls Love Selfies

Can Selfie Hamper Your Skin

5 Reasons Why Girls Love Selfies

Every girl loves to click selfie. If not, at least we all have one friend who is a selfie queen who clicks wonderful selfies with us. The reasons why girls love to click selfies are many! Selfies make you look and feel awesome.  A selfie is also a great tool to love ourself, it teaches us to appreciate our self little by little. This trend has verged by leaps and bounds and we have all taken to it with open arms.

We have put together top 5 Reasons Why Girls Love Selfies. Here we go… 

1. Boosts self confidence

                                                                                                                                        Source : Giphy

Selfies make us love our own kind of beautiful. It is our way of telling  the world that we love the way we look. Selfie teaches us to believe in ourselves, both emotionally and visually .

2. Bestie time

We all want to flaunt out to the world that we are having a great fun time with our friends. Selfies just  the trick for us. Whether we are going for a movie or we are out for  shopping ,we are bound to click a few selfies. It is also our way of sealing our memories!

3.  Boredom bye-bye

When ever we feel bored mobile front camera always works for us. We all find ourselves clicking selfies to kill time.  Well, when we have nothing to do, we always find selfies at our aide.

4. Aid to travel 

Pictures are a great way to keep tab on our travels and let the world know where we are and with whom we are. Selfies just does the trick for us. Also,It makes our travel memories way special. Capture everything around us, while we still get to be in the spotlight! Hey hey!!!

5. Emotions Expressed

What is your take on the reasons why girls love to click selfies? Let us know your favorite reason in the comments!

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