Indian Military is Fourth Strongest Military in the World. Check out Who Stands Where?

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Indian Military is Fourth Strongest Military in the World

Global firepower Index – 2017 has released list of strongest countries in terms of military power. 133 countries were evaluated and India is ranked fourth in the list. United States has constantly maintained first place in the list whereas Russia is on the second spot. Top five ranking given by Global Firepower Index is as follows:-

  1. United States
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. France


Whereas down the list  are United Kingdom on 6th, Japan on 7th, Turkey 8th, Germany 9th and Egypt is on 10th rank. The evaluation which makes India standing on 4th position is

Indian Army

  Active Military Personnel :- 13,62,500

  Eqipments and Armaments:-

  •      Combat Tanks                 – 4426
  •      Army fighting vehicles – 6704
  •      Artillery guns                  – 7414

Indian Air Force

  • Aircraft strength      – 2102
  • Helicopter strength – 606

Indian Navy

  • Navy assets           – 295
  • Aircraft carriers  – 03
  • Submarines          -15

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It is pertinent to mention here that while evaluating countries on military strength, Global Firepower takes into account more than 50 parameters from which general are manpower, geographical features, armaments and equipments, Logistic support and flexibility, natural and military sources, and of-course nuclear power where as to sub-fine the ranking points which are taken into account are

  • Technology-driven military.
  • Nations capability to fight with larger Nations.
  • Development rate of nation etc.

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If you are Indian or Pakistani, it becomes necessary to know the rank of Pakistan in the list. Pakistan rank is 13th in the list.

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