Mindblowing Facts About Airplanes

  • In case of emergency, when oxygen masks lower. They can supply oxygen to passengers for 15 minutes only.


  • BD-5 Micro is smallest aircraft in the world. BD-5 Micro weighs 162 kg only.


  • Windscreen of a Boeing plane costs more than a BMW car.


  • Mostly all Pilots and crew don’t eat same food. This exercise is carried out to avoid food poisoning and sickening of entire flight crew.


  • C-5 is longest military aircraft and its length is 143 feet.


  • Concrete or Asphalt laid down on runway is 2-4 feet thick.


  • Airplanes typically fly at around 35,000 feet means 11,000 m or 11.1 km above Earth.


  • Lockhead SR-71 Blackbird is fastest plane on Earth. It flies with the speed of 2193 miles per hour or 3530 km per hour.


  • If you sit on rear or last seats of a plane, there are 40% chances of accident survival.


  • Antonov AN-250 is largest plane in the world. It is nearly equal to a football ground field from wingtip to wingtip and tail to nose.


  • You taste less in airplane because changing air pressure down your taste buds by one-third. Means spicy food on earth will taste less spicy in aircraft. Cabin atmosphere in airplane also dries out your nose.


  • According to survey carried out on European pilots, 43% to 54% pilots admitted that they have fallen asleep while flying passenger plane. 15 to 20% out of them have admitted that when they woke up, they found their co-pilot was also sleeping.


  • In big airbuses ,there is special space for attendants to take rest. They can sleep there in long flights.


  • Airbus 380 is world’s largest passenger airliner. One airbus A380 has 40 lakhs parts in it.


  • Most of accidents (about 80%) happen either in first 3 minutes after takeoff or 8 minutes before landing.


  • If you sit close to 5 rows from exit, you are most likely to successfully exit a plane during an emergency.


  • More than any other profession including strippers, nurses people fall in love at first sight with air hostesses.



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