You are great leader, But Good husband? Qualities of good husband?

You may be handsome, you may be successful, you may be charming, you may be leading a good group of 20-50 people working under you, you may be a good player, you may be a good singer. Think!!! Do you possess those qualities which make you a good husband. Ask yourself ? What are qualities of good husband?

What are qualities of good husband?

  • You don’t use i-pills because you know that  it will hamper your wife’s health in long run. So you always give preference to condom.
  • Do you work your ways to spend quality time together. Or you just call your family time being in kitchen or bedroom or in bathroom. In short, quality family time is not time when you are together at home doing your daily activities. Remember, she is always expecting a date even after marriage.
  • Do you still hold her from her back while she is cooking in kitchen?
  • You try to match your tie with her saree. Dress according to her at least once in 3 months.
  • She is not you. If you are Indian, there are 80% chances that she is younger to you and lacks many areas where she needs your help. Are you helping her out? Or just screwing her?
  • If your spouse is Police, Doctor or nurse, please respect her job. She loves her job same way you love yours.
  • Ladies are generally not technically that sound. Please don’t expect her to understand and fix small technical glitches at home like tightening screw or adjusting fridge rollers.
  • Are you aware she also loves to have Sunday even if she is home maker. Try to give her a Sunday at least in a blue moon.
  • Please! please! please! don’t say any disturbing words before leaving for office. You will go busy in office but believe it she’ll be disturbed all through her day.
  • You allow her to make her own decisions.
  • You never screw her comparing with other ladies in your circle. Remember, She hates it most.

Congratulations! you are not doing anything wrong mentioned above. You are a perfect husband. Just chill out and enjoy. Your husband score is 100/100.

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