Sleep Paralysis(दबाव) is Terrifying.What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis can be a terrifying experience and it is surprising to know that it is common. It happens when you are sleeping. You will be conscious but unable to move. Maximum times, it occurs when person is waking up or about to sleep. In this phenomena, people feel pressure on their chest and they know they are under pressure but they can’t move. They feel a sense of choking. It continues for few seconds normally but sometimes it can last up to a minute.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

What is Sleep Paralysis

Main reason behind sleep paralysis is stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. It normally happens when brain is very active and dreams but body is sleeping. This stage is also called REM cycle.

What is Sleep Paralysis

During this time, all the muscles of body don’t work means the functions of the body are turned off. Your body is not allowed to function as per dream otherwise you may hurt yourself. In simple words, you can say that your mind is awake but body is sleeping. Some people experience Hallucinations during process of sleep paralysis. Hallucination happens because mind is still in dream state. People say that they saw strange and unusual visuals during sleep paralysis. While Hallucination in sleep paralysis can be experienced in different forms. Most common form is Intruder phenomena. In this process, people feel insecure. They believe they have company in the room. Another form of Hallucination is incubus phenomena. In this phenomena, people feel crushed  or suffocated during sleep. People who are mostly suffering with sleep paralysis are those who have general disrupted sleep patterns like in military or people who work in night shifts. Anxiety and depression are major cause behind sleep paralysis. The age group which is mostly suffered from sleep paralysis is 10 to 25. Genetics also play a significant role in sleep paralysis. Other than this the reasons of sleep paralysis may be

  • Sleeping on your back.
  • Tendency to fall asleep very fast.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Irregular sleep schedule.


Since during sleep paralysis people feel choked because of demon, snake, buffalo or many other negative things depending upon their locality, it becomes general tendency to look to ascetic(तांत्रिक) and he will handover some amulet(ताबीज) and  common treatments given are

What is Sleep Paralysis
  •  Keep water under your bed.
  • Tie  amulet to your bed leg.
  • Keep iron made tools under your bed and many more.
  • Some tantrics say, the place where you live is near to burial site(कब्र)  or you have visited a burial site. Or your neighbour are jealous of you and they had done Vashikaran(वशीकरण) to you. Some Dharmaguru says that your Isht Dev is angry from you because you have not performed rituals for him and the number is countless.

But dear, this is scientific phenomena and the real treatment is as follows:-

There is no specific treatment. In some severe cases antidepressant are prescribed. There are many cognitive sleep therapy techniques. First you have to understand what is worrying you.

  • Stop worrying.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Live Healthy lifestyle.
  • Start doing things which makes you happy.
  • Stop controlling things, just chill out.
  • Let life happen. When you die, it hardly matters you have 1 crore in your account or one coin.
  • Stay healthy , Stay happy.

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