What Is Right Time to Eat Different Food?

what is right time to eat food

What Is Right Time to Eat Different Food?

There is lot of confusion as to what nutrition is best at what time? One common topic is the best time to eat nutrients. It may sound very simple but it is simple mistake which makes huge difference. Whenever it comes to eating, timing always play a vital role. The best time to eat can be good for your health and if you are eating right at wrong time, it may create stir.

So in this article, we will focus on some common intakes which we have daily but we are not aware of right timing.

What Is Right Time to Eat Different Food?

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Apple is best in the morning as apple peel has the fiber pectin which helps in bowel movement and prevents constipation. Also, it eliminates carcinogens and clears our body.

Worst Time:- If we eat apple in night or evening, the organic acids in it will increase the acid level in stomach leading to discomfort. Also Pectin level burden our digestive system in night.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Noon is best time to eat banana. It is highly fibrous which helps in digestion. Banana works as natural antiacid and soothe heartburn.

Worst Time:- Night. If Taken at night, banana can lead to mucus formation and cold. Eating banana on an empty stomach can upset you since it is rich source of magnesium.


Best Time:- Early  morning is best time. Those who are vegetarians, cheese is an excellent substitute for meat. It also prevents weight gain and bloating if eaten in moderation.

Worst Time:- Again being heavy to digest, Night is worst time to eat cheese. It can lead to indigestion and fat gain if taken in dinner.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Day time is best to have curd as it soothes the digestive system.

Worst Time:- Night is worst time to have curd. It leads to mucus formation if included in dinner.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Noon is best time as meat is very hard to digest. Meat is high in protein and helps in gaining physical strength and improves concentration level if taken during daytime.

Worst Time:- Night. As meat is high in protein, meat may weigh heavy on our digestive system and give us uncomfortable night.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Night is best time to eat pulses and beans. As high in fiber, beans help in digestion and reduce cholesterol level. It is scientifically proven that pulse and beans assist in getting good sleep.

Worst Time:- It is not worst time to eat but they should be avoided during day time as they are easy to digest. You will feel appetite soon and you may end up eating binge food.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Lunch is best time to have rice and reason is metabolism. Metabolism is higher during day, giving you ample time to use up carbohydrates.

Worst Time:- If taken at night, rice only increase your fat because our body can’t consume high dose of carbohydrates during night and results in formation of fats.

what is right time to eat

Best Time:- Morning is best time to eat sugar. Body insulin is more effective in fighting sugar during morning. Also chances of burning sugar throughout the day via daily activities are higher.

Worst Time:- Night. Sugar not only increase body fat but sends digestive system in tizzy mode also.

what is right time to eat
Nuts likes cashews haved lot of natural oil in them. Storing then in a low temperature causes damage to the natural ingredients. Dry fruits should be stored in your kitchen itself in airtight container.

Best Time:- Evening is best time to have as walnuts contain Omega-3 fats and antioxidants. Scientifically, it is proved that walnuts improve brain health.

Worst Time:- Morning, Noon and Night are worst time to have walnuts because if eaten these times, effectiveness is reduced.

These little care of timing may yeild you good results.



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