Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants

Mind blowing facts about elephants

Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants

From their fabulous physical to their extraordinary memories, there is no denying to the fact that elephants have historically been objects of both popular fascination and even religious devotion. With that in mind, here are a few Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants  that cover Earth’s biggest land animal from top to bottom

  1.  Elephant Love Water:- Yes, elephants love water and they are good swimmers. Elephants can swim almost completely submerged in water keeping end of trunk above water as if they were snorleling like submarine.Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants
  2. Musculine Trunk:- Elephants’ trunks can weigh upto 400 pounds but can pick up things as small as a grain of rice. Trunk has more than 40,000 musles in it.
  3. Super-Sensitive skin:- There skin is so sensitive that they can feel a fly landing on it. To protect it, they use mud as sunscreen and moisturizer.
  4. Pregnancy and Birth:- Elephants have longest pregnancy period which is of 22 months. Elephants are also known to induce labor by self-medicating with certain plants.No other animal pregnancy last that long. Newborn elephants are born blind, weighing up to 260 pounds. Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants
  5. Exellent Memory:- Elephants have an exxellent memory. They remember their friends over decades.Ther are videos on internet showing elephants being re-united after many years.
  6. Listening Capcity:- Elephants can hear one another’s trumpeting noise up to 6 miles.
  7. Elephants Hug Each Other:-  Elephants  hug each other to de-stress. Physical contact is very important to the elephant. According to researchers elephants  console others by putting their trunks in others mouth.Mind Blowing Facts About Elephants
  8. Socialism:- Adult females  stay in families of about ten to fifteen individuals.  Males move on but females always stay together, helping each other with feeding and child care. The only reason a female might leave her herd is if she is taken by humans or dies.
  9. Elephants Understand Human Language:- Elephants are blessed with fabulous intelligence with  complex big brain which enables them to be  aware and experience emotions. They also have  ability to recognize sounds and signs. There happened an incident in Korea wher an elephant shocked his owner by learning eight words in context.
  10. Matriarchal Societies:- Life span of elephants is nearly 60 -80 years and they live in matriarchal societies.  old matriarchs can live until they’re over eighty years old and youngones are driven away from herd when they are ready for mating to avoid inter-breeding.

Its not just ‘E’ for elephant. There is lot more  to learn about humanity from the animal kingdom.

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