DA for Central Govt Employees latest Updates

DA for Central Govt Employees latest Updates

The news in the air for central Govt employees and pensioners is DA. There is lot of buzz going around as to what is the latest decision on DA. So in this article, we are giving you latest updates covering full story of DA.


Presently central Govt employees are getting DA at the rate of 17%. DA is 17% with effect from 01 Jul 2019. It is noteworthy that Central Govt employees get DA twice a year i.e. on 01 Jan and 01 Jul every year. The Govt decided to increase DA by 4% from 01 Jan 2020 but the decision could not be executed as lock-down came in force on 23 Mar 2020. Consequently, DA came to on hold since then. DA was supposed to increase on 01 Jan 2020, 01 Jul 2020 and 01 Jan 2021. However, DA attracted no intention from Govt and hence no increase in DA.  

If Govt had increased DA on an average 4% then by March 2021, it would have reached 29%. But due to Corona pandemic, the DA is still 17%. Central Govt employees and pensioners are dubious as they will get DA effecting from 1 Jan 2020, arrears of DA, Flat DA ????

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The case was invoked in parliament where Minister of State for Finance, Anurag Thakur came with assurance that DA will be increased w.e.f 01 Jul 2021. So the latest update is that the central Govt employees and pensioners will get DA from 01 Jul 2021. There are news that Govt will increase DA by   12-15% from 01 Jul 2021 but no arrears will be given.

The decision from Govt will benefit about 50 Lakh central government employees and more than 65 Lakh pensioners. 

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