Basic Learning Mistakes, How To Learn Driving Car?

Gone are the days when driving a car was passion. Today it has become necessity. Learning to drive a car has become as essential as speaking in English or making UPI payment.  If you don’t know how to operate an ATM, you don’t know how to speak in English and you don’t know how to drive!!! your education, your qualification today is of no use. You will have to look to people who are less educated to you.

How to learn driving car


Hence, it becomes imperative today to learn how to drive. In this article, we will be discussing basic tips or we can say basic mistakes we make while driving or we are teaching somebody how to drive. And why we generally make these mistakes is because either we didn’t observe or nobody told us. So we will  discuss only two common points where generally people make mistakes and with simple measures we can deal with the same.


This is basic mistake we do. While it is our own car or we are learning on someone’s car, we forget to know our car first. As a result when you are sitting in the car other than driving seat, you know everything but the moment you sit on driving seat, your mind puzzles around. This is the time when you remember only 20% of your training. Now why it happens because you are not familiar with your car. You know theoretically how to drive. But when you sit on the driving wheel, you don’t know what switch will activate which function.

Which create a fuss in your mind. It is same like you are visiting your friend’s home for the first time. You know it is home. And you very well know that it is your friend’s home. You are aware that you will get everything comfortably here but still your mind is not stable.  You are not acquainted  to the rooms and you don’t feel that comfort which you feel on regular visits.

To do away with this problem, before learning how to drive, sit on the driver seat and spend some time on driving seat. Feel your car, feel steering wheel. First 5 to 10 days, only switch the engine on and explore all the functions. Keep the car neutral and give accelerator just to feel it. Before putting first gear and moving your car, you must do this procedure 5 to 10 days. Once you become familiar to all the buttons, all functions and your position then only start to drive. It will also do away your puzzling while you drive. Many times, it is felt while driver is new, when he has to turn the vehicle, he confuses between steering and Indicator because he was not acquainted with indicator and it becomes imperative to know all the functions and knowing of your car first.


When one is learning driving, he/she shift to first gear and as soon he/she leaves clutch, engine stops. Almost all of us face this problem while we are new to learning or we are teaching somebody. It happens because you are told to press accelerator and Depress clutch at the same time. Since you are beginner and it takes a lot of time to be perfect in it. You end up with  car engine stopped. Basic solution to this problem is here. Please do not accelerate when you are depressing clutch in first gear. No need to do that. Only shift to first gear and start depressing your clutch slowly. At one point your call will start moving. As your car starts to move, depress clutch fully and then you can press accelerator. This formula is also helpful when you have to start the car on steep.

Hope these basic tips will help you while you are learning or teaching somebody else driving.


Please follow all rules and  be safe while driving.

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