A Hug Per Day is Her Healthy Way

Women need to be hugged once a day to stay healthy. Once is actually minimum. If scientists are to be believed, women  must be hugged as  often as possible. It is hugging when body releases special chemicals to brain which makes her feel positive and secured. Hugging helps in keeping her heart healthy by reducing blood pressure. 

A Hug Per Day is Her Healthy Way

                                                          The special chemical we are talking about is actually ‘Oxytocin‘. Whenever Oxytocin releases, it benefits her heart’s health. A hug a day improves immune system and overall health.

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                                                                 Being hugged by a loved one stimulates Dopamine and Serotonin. Hugging can make her feel good. Whether she is lonely, sad or in discomfort, a hug has ability to change around her day. A hug is best way to deal with mood swings at times.

                                                         Study carried out by scientists show that women had lower blood pressure when they had warn contact with their partner. A 15-second hug reduces the harmful physical effects of stress. It makes her feel special when her partner embraces her, especially after a long tiring day.

                                                      Apart from health, hug also makes a strong bond between you and you understand her better. You become more reciprocating as a couple building up trust and creating healthy relationship. Holding her for extended time lifts her serotonin levels which results in elevating mood and creating happiness.

                                                       According to one more study carried out by scientists, a simple loving touch from your partner can fight with all negative emotions like anger, fear, disgust, gratitude, and sympathy. 

A kiss along-with a hug can win you your world. It makes her healthier and happier. If she is happy, you are happy.

                                                                   An amazingly great thing about hug is , its free! When you go out to meet your partner, you struggle a lot to select a gift. We spend a day long to select a gift for your partner but we often forget that most valuable things in our life are free. You only have to remember. So start hugging her more often and let her know how much you care about her. 

                                          Every woman deserves a hug so HUG the woman you care about!!!!

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