Rupay, Visa or Mastercard! What is difference between cards?

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Cards have become a big necessity

Let it be Debit or Credit card, in the era of digitalisation, everything has become easy from online payments, shopping, fueling, money transactions to banking work. The need to go to the bank branch or go out for shopping with cash in the pocket is almost over. If you use debit and credit cards, then you must have seen that Visa, Mastercard or Rupay will be written on these cards. But do you really know what does it mean?

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All three are payment network companies

Visa, Mastercard and Rupay are actually payment network companies, which provide cashless payment system through cards. Of these, RuPay is India’s payment network. Visa and Mastercard are foreign payment network companies. These cards of different companies also have different features which makes them different from each other. Visa has the largest payment network in the world, while MasterCard comes second. Let us know what is the difference between the three.

Visa Card

If Visa is written on your debit/ credit card, then it is a card of Visa network. Visa network works with Financial Institutions The company issues these cards through partnership with other Financial institutions. It is the largest payment network in the world and its cards are accepted all over the world. Its Classic Card is a basic card, you can get the card replaced at any time and will be able to withdraw cash in advance in case of emergency. On the other hand, Travel Assistance, Global Customer Assistance and Global ATM Network are available in Gold and Platinum Card.

Master Card

Mastercard’s Standard Debit Card, Enhanced Debit Card and World Debit MasterCard are very popular. Mastercard is financial company based in US. You usually get a standard debit card upon opening the account. Mastercard is the second largest payment network in the world. This company also does not issue cards directly, but has partnerships with financial institutions around the world. Like Visa, the cards of this payment network are also accepted all over the world and all kinds of other facilities are available on them.

RuPay Card

Swadeshi RuPay is an Indian payment network. This card was launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Under this network, three types of debit and credit cards are issued. These include Classic, Platinum and Select Card. It is acceptable across India and works just like Visa or MasterCard. Rupay has started services in Bhutan, Singapore, UAE and Oman.

All three cards are different like this

India’s RuPay is a domestic network, so through this you can make payments in the country itself. However, being a home network, it works faster than Visa and MasterCard. Whereas, Visa and Mastercard are accepted all over the world. Apart from, Visa and Mastercard share data with their partner companies, while Rupay’s data is shared only at the domestic level. Swadeshi card Rupay is also better and different in this case. That is, the service charge in this is less than other cards and there is no hassle of bank fees. At the same time, due to Visa and Mastercard being international, the service charge is high.

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