10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

It is a common myth that keeping food in fridge keeps it healthy. It is not always true. Keeping food in fridge can increase life span of food but freshness is not guaranteed.

                                                                         Fridge is actually required for the people who doesn’t have access to market e.g. in snow-hit area, in remote areas. Those who have access to market can purchase food items on daily basis. However, fridge has become symbol of status at home. And we can’t define that fine-line as to what to be stored in it and what not to. 

                                                                          We recommend to minimize the use of fridge. However there are some items which become imperative to store cause we can’t spare time to buy daily basis or else. But, there are some precautions, some education what we can learn that fridge is not meant to store everything. In this article we bring you list of 10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate. They are loosing freshness and eating away your space also. 

10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

 1. Potatoes                                                        

Potatoes are full of starch. Low temperatures harms the starch and break it badly. Making your potato of no use.

2. Coffee

Humidity in the fridge causes condensation.  Formation of musky water makes your coffee sticky. Coffee looses all its essentials along with flavor. You can store coffee in your kitchen itself. Do not forget to use airtight jar.

3. Dry Fruits

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Nuts likes cashews have lot of natural oil in them. Storing then in a low temperature causes damage to the natural ingredients. Dry fruits should be stored in your kitchen itself in airtight container.

4. Melons

All kind of melons like musk melon, watermelon etc are very soft. Keeping them in low temperature matures them fast and rotten process fastens. It is better to keep melons in dry and cool conditions not cold conditions.

5. Onions

Onion needs open and ventilated space to stay fresh. Low temperature helps drying onions faster. Better store onion in open space to keep them fresh.

6. Garlic

Extra humidity in the fridge eats away life of garlic. Keeping garlic in fridge helps sprout it fast. Garlic also stays fresh in well ventilated room.

7. Honey

Honey is awesome medicine. You can keep honey for hundred of years if kept in jar. Keeping honey in low temperature helps it losing texture. It results in crystallization of honey.

8. Pickles

Vinegar is biggest ingredient of pickle. Keeping pickles in fridge slower down molding process and pickle looses its strength. Keeping pickle in low temperature losses its natural fragrance/flavor.

9. Salad

Many of us have this habit of keeping salad ready to eat and keep it in fridge to keep it fresh. But we ado exactly opposite. Salad can survive in room temperature for few hours.

10. Spices

Like coffee, spices also become sticky in low temperature. Most spices can survive up to years in normal room temperature. Keeping in fridge makes their flavor fade and loose essence.

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