India evacuated its citizens from Sudan in C130J Super Hercules 

Why C130J

India is using  C130J planes to evacuate stranded citizens from Sudan. C130J are heavy in size.

India’s C-130Js are used to support a variety of critical missions, including humanitarian aid, airlift, natural disaster support, and search and rescue operations

C-130J Super Hercules is a military aircraft that offers 'superior performance and capabilities'

Currently. India has 12 C130J planes which are procured from America.

C130 J Hercules are stationed in Delhi

The C-130J Super Hercules aircraft is originally designed and manufactured by American defence company Lockheed Martin

The C-130J aircraft conducted its first flight in 1996 and completed a million flight hours worldwide by 2013

Thats Why India Air Force (IAF)'s C-130J Super Hercules aircraft is built for special forces' operations

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