Actresses Who Got Prgnant Before Marriage!

Ileana D Cruze announced her pregnancy on social media. The news created buzz caz Ileana is pregnant before marriage. Here are actresses who became pregnant before marriage

Krisna Mukherjee just got married to Chiraag. The actress was seen flaunting baby bump before marriage

Krishna Mukherjee

Alia got married to Ranbir on 12 Apr 22. Alia delivered baby girl on 06 Nov 22. It is speculated that the actress was pregnant before marriage.

Alia Bhatt

News of Malaika Arora pregnancy before marriage created lot of buzz. Though Malaika called them off


Neena Gupta is known for her defiant attitude. Neena also got pregnant before marriage. She is single parent and raised her daughter alone

Neena gupta

Neha delivered baby girl Meher just after 6 months of her marriage. Neha herself made it public that she was pregnant before marriage

Neha Dhupia

Kalki made her pregnancy news public much before her marriage


90's famous actress, Mahima was also pregnant before her marriage

Mahima Chaoudhary