It is a common myth that keeping food in fridge keeps it healthy. It is not always true. Keeping food in fridge can increase life span of food but freshness is not guaranteed.

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We recommend to minimize the use of fridge. we bring you list of 7 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate


Tomato looses its texture in the fridge. Avoid keeping tomato in fridge


Onion should not be kept in fridge. It should be kept in cold, dry and dark place.


Potato should also be kept in cool & dry place. Potato should also avoided from sun light to avoid germination


Keeping corns in fridge deteriorate its nutrients


Rather than fridge, Garlic should be kept in cool & dry place.

Pine Apple

Make sure to buy ripened pineapple & try to consume it at the earliest. Storage should be at room temperature

Watermelon & Muskmelon

Melons can be kept in fridge but they loose texture & taste when kept in fridge from long time.

Where to store then

These foods, vegges & fruits can be kept in ceramic utensils. Hand made wooden or drawers can also be used to store such items.

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