Selfie Selfie !!!

Girls Love their phone & selfie at a point or another is just happening

Selfie Queen

We all have one friend who is a selfie queen &  often click selfies

Selfie Le Le Re  !!!

Wondering why there is selfie le le Re all the time !!!


Here are 5 reasons why Girls Love selfie

1. Self Confidence

Selfies make us love our own kind of beautiful. Makes us confident emotionally & visually

2. Bestie Time

Whenever flaunting our best friend's company to the world, selfie is best  way to tell.

3. Boredom Bye Bye

Feeling Bored !!! Mobile's front camera always work

4. Aid THE Travel

Girls love to travel and click memories. Selfie is perfect way.

5. Emotions Expressed

Gen Z is exquisitely expressive. Selfies is perfect way to telling the world how you are feeling instantly

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