Nifty Basics, Chart Learnings,Technical Analysis & Strategy 13 Apr 22

Hello friends, Success is a state of Mind. If you want Success, start thinking of yourself as a Success.

Lets continue of rules and discipline of market to earn continuously because there is a difference between Earn Money and Keep Earning Money.

*The longer the market gaps, The Greater the odds of continuation of the trend. When Gap in price Fail and move back to fill the Gap in price on the day of the Gap, They can be called a ” GAP AND CRAP”. If Gap don’t fill in the first hour of trading , the odds are that they aren’t going to fill and price will continue in the direction of the Gap for remainder of the day.

*The Last Hour often tells the truth about how strong a Trend Truly is. Smart Money shows their hand in the last hour, continuing to mark positions in their favour.

*As Long as Market is having consecutive STRONG CLOSES , look for an UPTREND to continue.