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How to Buy a Car from Canteen CSD

How to buy a car from Canteen CSD

Procedure how to buy a car from canteen CSD is very much simplified now. We will understand it one by one. Please note, vehicle is provided by showroom and not by canteen. Canteen only provides you purchase order which is deposited to the dealer and dealer will give you vehicle. It is pertinent to mention here that not all dealers in the city offer car through canteen. Dealers who are registered through canteen, only they can offer you car through canteen. To check registered dealers with CSD canteen, you can click on link given in the last and get their contact numbers and all other detail information.

Now let’s understand the procedure how to buy a car from canteen CSD.

● Once you have selected car, find dealers in your city. Contact and visit registered dealers. If car is available then jump to next step.

● If car is on waiting period then you’ll have to deposit booking amount and book car. (Please note this amount is refundable, for more information check out link given below). Once you book the car, dealer will tell you waiting period. You will have to wait till your booked car arrives (Please note that not all cars are on waiting period).

● When car is available in showroom dealer will inform you. You will get availability certificate and quotation from dealer.(Please note if you are distant like you are in Tamilnadu and want to purchase car from Jalandhar, you need not to visit dealers for these formalities. You can obtain availability certificate and quotation on your email. Emailed copies are also valid).

● You will have to get intend cum application form which is signed by Commanding Officer (if you are in service) and from Zila Sainik board (if you are ex-serviceman). To download forms please visit link given below.

● Visit your bank and make DD in favour of canteen stores department. You can also get money transferred to CSD account by RTGS method. You can get your vehicle financed from bank ( to know procedure to finance car you can visit link given below).

● Now you will visit the canteen personally for identification and document verification. (To know what all documents are required, please visit link given below).

● Canteen will verify all your documents and canteen will acknowledge payment made by you in its bank account. Then they will give you a purchase order.

● Deposit this purchase order to dealer and additionally pay insurance charges, registration charges (or temporary registration charges) and all other charges which you buy from showroom.(Please note if you have deposited any booking amount it is adjusted at this time by the dealer)

● Take your vehicle get click the photographs and drive down your dream car home!!!!!! it is that simple!!!

There are few more questions which bothers many like Whether car can be registered on other’s name?

Q:- Can we buy the car from CSD in one state and get it registered in another state?

Q:- Are widows eligible to buy car through canteen CSD?

Q:- Is car booking amount refundable?

Q:- Can we finance the car and pay in EMI? What is procedure to finance the car?

Q:- Where it is better to finance the car , bank or showroom?

Q:- What is the time required to transfer registration of vehicle to another’s name?

Q:- Dealers list, car price list, to download all forms and many more questions which may worry you. To find all the answers on how to buy a car from canteen CSD, please visit following link.

Car Through Canteen CSD Important questions and Answers.

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