सुमिरण-Rememberance of God-From The House Of Lord Kabir

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मोक्ष or Salvation is the prime goal of devotion. It is an utmost aim of a devotee. It refers to freedom from samsara, the cycle of birth and death. Moksha is a central concept of the devotional method of Lord Kabir. Kabir Ji has reminded us that Moksha can not be attained without Satguru because Satguru gives Naam(The mantras to attain salvation). With the continue remembrance of these mantras, one can seek liberation.

सुमिरण or सिमरन is a continue recitation of the Holy Naam given by Satguru. This is one of the important constituents of the literature of Lord Kabir. Lord Kabir has stressed that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha have also practised Simran. The real disciple of Satguru always worries about Naam-Simran, not of the worldly matters. The real purpose of Simran is to guide your consciousness towards Rama-The Omnipresent, The Omniscient and The Omnipotent. God is the only hope to attain Moksha and to avoid the cycle of birth and death.

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In this blog, we will discuss the couplets of Lord Kabir containing immense importance of Naam- Sumiran in life.

कबीरा, सुमिरन सार है, और सकल जंजाल
आदि-अंत सब शोधिया, दूजा देखया काल

Here Lord Kabir wants to tell us that remembrance of Holy Naam is the core essence of human life. Rest everything is jingal. Kabir Ji wants to stress that after research from beginning to end except for Naam Simran everything is in the treasury of Kaal. This means that those who do Naam Simran will attain Moksha and will leave the world of the dead. And those who will be in the lust of worldly pleasures will always be in transience.

चिंता तो हरी नाम की, और ना चिंता दास
जो कोई चिंता नाम बिना, सोई काल की फाँस

Here Lord Kabir Ji wants to stress that there should be no worry rather than Hari Naam( The Holy Naam is given by Satguru in the course to attain moksha). Those who are busy in worldly pleasures will be in the springe of Kaal.

भक्ति भजन हरि नाम है, दूजा दुख़ अपार
मनसा, वाचा, कर्मना, कबीरा सुमिरन सार

This couplet highlights the importance of Naam Sumiran as Lord Kabir wants to tell us that Naam Simran is the essence of devotion and prayer. Rest all is boundless sorrow. A disciple should be devoted to Naam Simran with his thoughts, speech and actions. Kabira wants his disciples to stay away from pageantry.

कबीरा सोया क्या करे, जागे ना जपे मुरारी
इक दिन ऐसा सोएगा, लंबे पाँव पसारी
Lord Kabir wants people who are sleeping in the intoxication of illusion to be cautious. He wants them to drink the nectar of Naam Simran. Otherwise, after they will die, they will sleep comfortably stretching their legs but they will remain in the cycle of birth and death.
सुमिरन सुरति लगाय कर, मुख से कुछ ना बोल
बाहर का पट बंद कर, अंदर का पट खोल
Worldly echoes are flooded with anger, lust, illusion and darkness. Someone who is dwelled in these is just wasting his important human birth. Hence Lord Kabir warns us about transiency of life and wants us to be focussed on Naam Sumiran. Kabir Ji wants us to realise and explore our inner self rather than outside painful world.

कबीरा मुख सोई भला, जा मुख निकसे राम
जा मुख राम ना निकसे, वा मुख है किस काम

In this couplet, Lord Kabir Ji wants to stress the importance of Raam Naam Simran. Those who talk about materialistic things in the intoxication of greed and never believe in God and devotion, waste their chance of liberation. Such persons never realise the importance of human birth.

कबीरा आप राम-राम कहिं, औरों राम कहाई,
जिहि मुख राम ना उचरे, ता मुख फेर कहाई 
In this couplet, Lord Kabir Ji wants to stress that one should utter Raam till his last breath. One should greet others by saying Ram-Ram so that everyone can be reminded of the importance of Raam Naam. If somebody forgets to say Raam Raam then again greet him so that he can feel the essence of it.
As it is rightly said,
लूट सके तो लूट लो, राम नाम की लूट
फिर पीछे पछताओगे, जब प्राण जाएँगे छूट
राम सुमिर ले, सुमिरन कर ले
कौन जाने कल की, खबर नहीं पल की
नाम उठते, नाम बैठत, नाम सोवत्, जाग वे
नाम खाते, नाम पीते, नाम सेती लाग वे
Reminding about transiency of life, Master Kabir reiterates the value of Sumiran.
In this ever-busy and dismal materialistic world, He seeks our attention away from illusion, towards the reason and truth of this transient life- The Moksha.
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